site based on gh-pages

We have the beginnings of a new OMDoc web site based on github pages.

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Restarting Work OMDoc

After a long time of exploring OMDoc applications and redeveloping the formal core of OMDoc as MMT, we have restarted the development of the second version of the OMDoc representation format. The development has re-started with a string of blue notes available at []. These notes are still in an early stage, but give a glimbse at the direction we will take in the next months.

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Work Started on OMDoc 1.3

We have started work on the [OMDoc1.3] specification. This is to be a maintenance release with addresses immediate needs from the [wiki:OMDocToolsProjects OMDoc applications] that have been the focus of development in the last years. The main work items are

  • a new presentation system (see #1616)
  • a new syntax for structure sharing and referencing (see #1624)
  • a new metadata framework (see #1625)
  • corresponding metadata ontolgoies (see #1626)
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OMDoc Poster at European Semantic Web Conference

At the European Semantic Web Conference, we will present a poster on documenting ontologies with OMDoc. Motivated by deficiencies of the common ontology language RDFS and OWL w.r.t. documentation, we developed a way of modeling such ontologies in OMDoc, where documentation on more diverse granularities, and where it can be interlinked with formal knowledge. From an OMDoc source, both an OWL ontology and a human-readable documentation can be generated.

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Web Site moved to TRAC

We have reorganized the web site to the TRAC portal, this makes it editable by all developers, so that it is better up-to-date in the fugure. Please report any problems and inconsistencies by submitting tickets for the www component.

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