OMDoc Modules

OMDoc is an XML application, organized into ten modules,

MOBJ Math Objects Mathematical Formulae in OpenMath, MathML or legacy formats.
DC Dublin Core Metadata in Dublin Core
CC Creative Commons Metadata licensing metadata in CC format
ST Statements i.e. Definitions, Theorems, Axioms, Examples, etc, and simple theories with inheritance
PF Proofs as proof objects or structured proofs from hypotheses
ADT Abstract Data Types for structured definition of inductively defined sets
CTH Complex Theories To add inheritance via translations, theory inclusions.
DG Development Graphs An infrastructure for the management of theory change.
PRES Presentation OMDoc allows the user to specify notations for content mathematical objects.
EXT Web Extensions to be able to specify applets, private (non-XML) data, etc.
QUIZ Exercises/Quiz to make OMDoc a viable format for educational and course materials